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    #so many birthdays

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    Oh my word! Amethyst!!

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    That’s funny.

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    Believe in Steven

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    Pearl is mahh fave…. sorry…

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    im in love with this…

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  5. Have fun you guys!!! Merry christmas or whatever your into…..

  6. This is my twitter profile pic….. I think it fits me perfectly!!

  7. If can’ believe I don’t have this……… I NEED IT!!!!

  8. You boy ponies… yeah.. your loving it!!

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    12 Days of Disney Animation, Day 8: Pinocchio by look development artist Larry Wu


  10. WHENNN!! When will it start showing again!!! I mizz it sooo much
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  11. Awwwwwww well.. aint he adorable!!
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